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5 ideas you can`t miss for a remarkable content writing plan


Without a doubt, a remarkable content writing plan doubles your chance of success. A well-documented one works much better than the verbal content strategy.

So, how do you make one? What are the key elements you should include to get the desired outcome?

I will be sharing 5 ideas which will help you make a remarkable content writing plan. I have included practical steps to follow if you are a newbie. It also contains latest strategies for successful development of the content strategy. Let’s get into the specifics.

1) Know your audience and the desired outcome

The first step involves understanding the problems of your audience. Then, start developing content around it. Is it that easy? Not so much. At AdEngage, we always start with the end goal. I have found that when you write keeping the desired outcome in mind, results are often positive. To make this point clear, let’s take an example of a real estate brand. So, what are the possible results that a real estate firm wants from a digital marketing agency and its content strategy?  It may be brand promotion, amplifying their USP’s, location-specific targeting and sales. So, it is important to have all your content strategy revolve around the desired outcomes.

How can the right content solve the problem?  I always look to offer a solution to the audience by writing informative and engaging content. For real estate, I would consider writing about properties, prices and amenities at a specific location. This way you can provide valuable information to the audience for better decision making.

I feel another major factor is the tone that you use writing the content. Once you research the audience and understand the intent and needs, you will find it easy to write helpful content. A professional, refined tone would work for real estate, but would it work for FMCG brands like Coffee or Pasta? No. Therefore, I would encourage you to understand the tone in which your audience talks and make content accordingly.

Key Takeaways:-

  • Audience research
  • Valuable content
  • Tonality of your content

2) Brainstorm ideas with Search Engine Optimization/Social Media Marketing team

There are a lot of competitors out there. The recent research suggests that there is more content being written in 2018 than the last many years. How would you differentiate?

This is where I believe better team coordination leads to great ideas. Brainstorming ideas with content marketing team should be your first priority. Why is this important? I want to stress here that we always write content for a real person. In digital marketing terms, we may call them ‘target audience’, but the real and emotional content is the only way to attract them. Therefore, it is very essential to have discussions with real people. Therefore, it is better to discuss ideas with content marketing experts.

If your content writing goal is to increase Keyword rankings for Search Engine Optimization or Social media engagement, get help from concerned departments. Understand their goals and targets. I would also recommend you to seek more ideas and reference from the experts. Once you are satisfied, make a content plan that includes all of it. Personally, it works really well for me.

Once the audience is defined and ideas laid down, the next big question is what to write?

I usually start by researching the popular content and topics on the subject. You can take the help of good websites like Buzzsumo which provide a list of trending topics. Next are the headlines. It’s a very important part of your content writing and content marketing strategy. You can read more about it here: 3 reasons why catchy headlines are as important as the content writing itself. Once done with the topics and the headlines, perform a competitor analysis to find what’s working for them and their audience.

Key takeaways:-

  • Generate ideas with the help of concerned department
  • Research popular content topics
  • Decide on the topics & headlines

3) Selecting the right content approach would help immensely

The more I write, I realize that different content approach works well. There are a wide variety of content forms which may work for your audience. Some of them are:-

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Blogging
  • Visual

Here the trick is to experiment and understand what is working for your audience. Also, as I have mentioned before, it depends on your end goal. If you want engagement, video content currently is the most preferred medium for social media and content marketing. Similarly, a food brand would leverage social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to visually attract the audience.

4) Decide what platforms you are going to publish the content

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. These are some of the most popular platforms to publish your content. But, are there no other platforms? Actually, there are many. Slideshare, Medium, Quora, and Reddit are few other platforms where you can post your content and gain traffic as well as engagement. I often use Slideshare to publish highly informative content while for education brands, Quora is a better choice. I do so because the audience for education brand is more likely to look for answers in Quora.

I should mention here that you should perform a thorough research on all the emerging platforms online. Keep up with the current trends and include them in your digital marketing strategy.

5) Document your content plan

It is very important to prepare an editorial calendar or get one prepared by the content marketing department. Other than the regular content, it is recommended to keep an eye on festivals and popular days. Make relevant and useful content on these special days if they are in sync with your strategy. Have a clear understanding of the publishing time, frequency and number of posts required.

Once you have the content strategy plan and editorial calendar at your disposal, I bet you are on the right track to achieve the desired result.

Many of the ideas I have shared about content writing plan is the result of my experience at AdEngage. I hope you gained a lot from these 5 pointers. These are essential elements to create a powerful and result oriented content writing plan.

Soon, I will be sharing many more content ideas and tips, till then its goodbye. What are your tips for a hit content marketing plan? Comment


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An avid reader and writing enthusiast, Jobin crafts all types of content for digital platforms and others. When not writing, you will find him enjoying food, travelling or trying new things.

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